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Buy Lead: Scantron EZ- OMR Scanner (See details)

I want to buy OMR scanner in Lahore. We need to check upto 12000 answer sheets. For that purpose I please quote the specs, price and functionality of the scanner. >> More queries...

Posted By: Furqan on October 04, 2019 18:07 From 27.255.13.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Educational Equipment

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Inquering Related Product: Scantron EZ- OMR Scanner - EZdata OMR Scanner

Quick Brief

Place of Origin: United StatesBrand Name: ScantronModel Number: EZdata OMR Scanner
Speed: Hand Feed: 25 to 30 forms/minuteForm Sizes: Range from 3.25 x 3.25 to 3.25 ...Communication:: RS232 connection or USB 1.1 or ...
Condensing Power :: Voltage Range: 100-240 vol...-: CE Mark Certified: External UniversalForm Type:: Ink (pencil, blue and black ink...
Stackers:: Eject form out the back or the f...  

Product Features:

Scantron Scanners Distributor of Pakistan,


Product Cateogry: Educational Equipment

Business Term:

OB Price: US $1,000-1,700/ Unit

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Scantron EZ- OMR Scanner

Packaging Information


Specifications and Product Details:

Original Product Page

SCANTRON Scanners Distributer in PAKISTAN.


The new EZData™ optical mark read (OMR) scanner from
Scantron is designed for low-volume data collection projects that
require accurate results, immediate feedback, and cost effective
processing. When space is at a premium, the small scanner size (5.5
inches x 5.5 inches) offers portability and overall convenience.
Moreover, as an extension to the existing line of Scantron
Scanners, EZData scanner users can count on an extensive
support program.

Scanner Applications

With today’s emphasis on accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, the EZData scanner
is ideal for many data collection projects including:
• Classroom testing
• Course evaluations
• Instructor evaluations
• Skills testing
• Training and development surveys
• Customer satisfaction surveys
• Climate surveys
• Conference evaluations
• Quality inspections

Scanner Reliability

Scantron has built its reputation on providing accurate, easy-to-use, and reliable data
collection tools. Each of our scanner models carries the same guarantee.
The EZData scanner is no exception. Backed with a full year limited warranty from the
date of purchase, with additional years of support available for a modest fee, our exclusive
replacement program helps ensure minimum disruption of your scanning operation in the
event of a mechanical problem.

Ease of Use

• Light weight for easy portability.
• The ready light on the front of the EZData scanner indicates
• when the scanner and software are ready to process forms. A green
light shows that the scanner is ready; red means that it is not.
• Forms can be directed out the back or front of the scanner
• under control of the application software.
• A directional arrow appears on the bed of the scanner to remind users
of the correct form orientation.
• The EZData scanner’s flexible read head cover tilts upward for
easy cleaning.

Software Interfaces
The EZData scanner is compatible with Scantron’s ScanTools®
II utility software. This menu driven software allows you to
maintain files and define scannable EZData forms—plus scan,
edit, validate, and display data. Additionally, the software
converts files of scanned data into formats compatible with other
popular software packages, such as Microsoft® Access, Microsoft
Excel, Lotus®, and SPSS®.

The EZData scanner is also compatible with Remark Classic
OMR® software from Scantron. This software allows you to
easily score tests and tabulate simple surveys. The Quick Stats®
analysis module produces customizable charts, graphs, and grade
reports with the click of a mouse. You can also export data to
other popular formats for analysis inthe software of your choice.

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